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Project Description
ryf is a reporting tools or maybe something like latex inspired text processing that output to PDF.

ryf itself can be used in python, she doesnot use any weird package, and its run well on ironpython.

Maybe if someone crazy enough to translate it to VB or C#, well i'm learning .NET just for a few week, so i've tried and i give up.

My old ryf is a rendering engine, maybe lixe XAPS viewer or PDF (except its translates ryf text format) and render using its unique renderer , you can still download at sourceforge. But i'm not maintaining it anymore.

PS: I'm new in .NET world, just a few week reading and trying C# and VB Express

My obsession is create a next-gen UI using high quality rendering system,.... so far i have create UIX (python using PyGame, i have publish on source forge)

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